14 Plants A Serial (ex) Plant Killer Can Keep Alive 🌿

Raise your hand if you have ever seen one of those lists of "plants you can't kill" and immediately you identify at a whole lot of plants you have killed before. 

Womp. womp.

Welcome to the club! 

The only benefit to killing plants, is slowly learning over time which plants can survive your brown thumb curse. Lucky for you, and your plants...I have killed so many and learned from my experiences, and I'm here to give you my tips!

I water ALL of my plants once 👏 a 👏 week 👏.  That's it! I love my plant babies, but I also have a dog, a house, a job and actual babies to take care of too. 

On occasion, if one is seeming sad, I'll give it some extra water TLC or  I'll skip a week if one seems a little overwatered, but all of these plants are on the same watering schedule, and doing fine. 

The main thing I have learned is to pay attention to how they're adapting after the first couple of weeks that I bring them home. Of they're not doing well, it's typically because of the lighting. I will take some time to move them around the house where they can get more or less sun, based on what a google search for the plant recommends. Once I find a place where the lighting is good for them, it's their permanent home! 

It's also important to start with a good, rich soil. I prefer an organic potting soil. 

Lastly, I like to spritz the soil with a fertilizer, or some organic diluted molasses once a month to give them an extra boost of minerals! 

Snake Plant

This is a SNAKE PLANT. He has tripled in height over the years, and continues to reach for the stars every day. He has done well in many lighting situations over the years, and flourishes with my weekly watering routine. 

I 100% suggest a POTHOS being your first plant. I adore the way their legs stretch and hang, and they are the easiest plants ever. They are easy to propagate, and I have even re-planted them in vases or mugs and they just grow baby grow! 

Ivy I'm not completely certain what types of ivy these two are, but I think all ivy does pretty well indoors, certainly these two ave done fine in shaded areas of my home.

English Ivy

Dracaena. I received this as a gift, and was so nervous I would kill it, but it has done just fine for years now! It gets full sunlight through a window for about four hours a day. 

I am not actually quite sure what thus baby is. Can anyone identify it for me? I was discouraged by the browning on it's leaves, but this new growth has me encouraged! I have had it for a year and a half now, and it's done really well on my coffee table.

Majesty Palm. I'll be straight with you, these can be a bit moody! I actually killed one...yikes, but my second attempt is going well! It's needs seem pretty contradictory, lot's of sunlight, but not direct sun...constantly  moist, but not wet soil. I also have learned that it does much better being watered with filtered water. 

Money Tree. I like to spend a lot of time tending to our "hedge fund" 😉 Even though I had planted this one a small vase, it has tripled in size in about two years. A very easy plant to keep!

"Friendship Plant" or Chinese Money Plant. This is my only plant that tends to get more water than the weekly watering. It likes to stay wet! 

Monkey Grass. I have moved this baby from indoors to outdoors and it does okay in both conditions. I am not sure how, I suppose this is just a hard one to kill!

Succulents. Sadly, I have never been successful at keeping a succulent alive indoors, but I have a few in full sun on my front porch, and they are flourishing!


I hope this has inspired you to bring home some new plants, and enjoy cleaner purer air in your home!