Gifts For Mom

Growing up, I typically would become aware of Mother's Day the night before it's happening. I would decide to present my mom with a variety of handmade coupons and breakfast in bed at the last moment. I don't recall her ever cashing in those coupons, and her breakfast...although I thought it was gourmet at the time,  may have actually been simple bruised fruit and dry bread with water. 

Luckily for us kids, my Dad had the foresight to purchase a nice gift in advance, and when he would present it to my mom us kids would chirp in "yeah, it's from ALL of us!"

Sound familiar?

Well today if you're scouring the web for a thoughtful gift, whether for your own mother or to treat yourself, I've selected for you a few of my favorites, from AR FAMN to yours. 

Being a mother myself, I'd like to think I have a pretty good radar for what we want, what we really, REALLY, want.

Even better, every item from AR FAMN is handmade, fair trade and one of a kind. 

rose gold I love you bracelet mothers day

Leading with my favorite, this "I love you to the moon and back" bracelet in rose gold or gold will remind her how special she is every day, and it's simple enough to wear everyday, or stack with other bracelets for a more formal occasion.


mothers day rose candle

Personally, I can never get enough of candles, but especially ones that bring the relaxing crackle of a wood wick, and the luxurious and scent of roses right to wherever I can light it and have a moment of peace in my makeshift spa. All natural and a 50 hour burn time, this candle checks all the right boxes.


In further pursuit of finding little moments of relaxation for mom, our all natural essential oil aromatherapy sleep spray with amethyst is definitely a must have, and if you're looking to go the extra mile each of these things would pair really well together. She can mist this on the pillows before bed for a spa like experience, to sleep better, and to put off laundry day for a bit longer. 


Relax and unwind with this calming blend of lavender, chamomile, mugwort, and sweet marjoram wrapped up in a hand-sewn linen aromatherapy pillow

Use to help ease headaches, migraines, muscle aches, tired eyes, or just when you can't take a nap but you need a quick re-charge! It can be cooled or heated=, making this the ultimate aches and pains buster. 


The Bar of Courage hand knotted necklace serves as a reminder that our worth is not measured by our successes and failures but instead by our moments of courage.
Each necklace is hand crafted from rose gold plated metal chain and high quality cord purchased from our local merchant. You can complete this set with the matching earrings. 


The perfect moisturizer with all natural ingredients, and extra love.  If you are trying to avoid parabens, a lotion bar may be the best option. Because the formula contains no water, no preservative is needed. This lotion bar also contain no dyes or fragrance oils. Just pure essential oils for a beautiful, natural scent. They are handmade with all natural ingredients, including wax from our family's bee hives! This melts into your skin as you glide it on, giving a nice massage as it deeply conditions your skin. Comes in many scent options, but lavender and rose are my favorites! 


 Beautifully crafted with a tall crown shape and medium-width brim to bring back the effortless classic charm. This hat is perfect for outdoor adventures, playtime in the backyard, or dressing up the next time you run errands. Handmade with extra love, this hat is heirloom quality that never goes out of style. 


happy mothers day

Mom's, thank you for letting your light shine it's brightest by pouring love and kindness into the future generations. Thank you for being brave and patient day in and day out, when it's easy and when it feels almost impossible. Thank you for lifting each other up, and making each other laugh even after you have poured every bit of yourself into other people all day.  I am convinced that moms are what makes our world go round. You are so amazing.