Thanksgiving With AR Famn

From making your grocery list, to wrapping up the leftovers, AR Famn wishes you a cozy, happy, and sustainable Thanksgiving.

Whatever your holiday plans look like this year, we want to share our favorite tips and traditions to bring your home cheer this season. 

sustainable thanksgiving table

 The true magic of the holiday season is the memories we make with those we love, that traditions we hand down to the next generation, and the love and happiness we share. But, we also like to create our own magic with a memorable table setting and special touches to make the whole day enchanting. 

In keeping with a sustainable theme, we love to adorn our table with natural decor. From fragrant orange slices, to rosemary sprigs and cinnamon sticks, live decorations not only look beautiful, but also create an inviting aroma around the table. 

A key to a well adorned table is layering, starting with a tablecloth, and working your up to decorations, place settings, name cards, one of a kind serving trays, and candle light. 

Try tying a sprig of rosemary, sage, or lavender with twine around the cloth napkins at each place setting. Send the kids outside to gather colorful leaves for a natural table runner.

A little ambient lighting goes a long way. Our candles are all natural and clean, with delicious bakes scents that will make your home smell completely delectable  even before you start baking. 

Add hand painted, one of a kind, accent plates or bowls to your table for a pop of color. Who says your Thanksgiving table cant include works of art too?

We have so many beautiful fair trade hand woven baskets and bowls to serve warm rolls, in. Or, acacia wood serving bowl sets.

tips for celebrating thanksgiving a part this year


 Our intention this Thanksgiving is to keep the focus off of the large gatherings and warm hugs that we are missing, and focusing on all that we can celebrate.  We are determined to get creative with keeping our favorite traditions alive and well this year. Thanks to technology, we can still play a game of scrabble over face-time with Pop-pop, or make cookies with grandma over the phone. We will still enjoy our favorite holiday film at the end of the evening.  In the past, our family has written what we are thankful for for each family member and left it at their table setting. This year, we will write notes to send in the mail to those we love, and remind them how grateful we are for them. For those of us that can gather together, we invite you to snuggle under a warm blanket, or enjoy some of our outdoor backyard games, like oversized dice, massive jenga, or ring toss, after your meal. 

sustainable thanksgiving tips

Of course, when you're here with Ar Famn, you know that we will encourage you to have an eco-friendly holiday, in whatever ways possible! For this reason, and because of the beautiful quality and luxury it ads to every table, we suggest our cloths napkins for your table setting.  If washing dishes after cooking and hosting isn't in the cards for you, we encourage you to try our sustainably made disposable palm leaf plates. You can buy them in bulk, and we have small, large, heart, square, or round ones!

For saving those delicious leftovers, we have wax wraps and silicone covers, so there is no need for foil or plastic wrap!

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However and wherever you celebrate this year, from AR FAMN to yours we're wishing you a safe and happy holiday. Thank you for being here with us, and supporting AR Famn. 

happy thanksgiving from ar famn