New Hope | Jewelry That Helps Formerly Trafficked Women

Every time I add new items to the store, they are my "new favorite". If ever there was a time that I didn't have the feeling, then I'd probably just pass on the new product. Since I started AR FAMN I have had the joy and honor of discovering so many brands who's missions inspire me, move me, motivate me, while at the same time, hand making things that make my heart pitter patter a little faster.

I've realized that most people say they want their purchases to do good in the world, to matter to small businesses, to artisans, to hardworking people, and of course you also want a great product. But I've also realized that SO MANY of the truly good companies are buried under a pile of greenwashing, child-labor law ignoring, fast fashion, hoodlums! (Did I go too hard on that rant, I am BIG mad about it) 

However long AR FAMN is here, my mission remains to spotlight amazing brands you need to know about, and put products that make your heart pitter patter into your hands. 

So thank you for clicking over today, and allowing me to share our new partner's story with you. 

I feel like their jewelry was made with me in mind, I hope you will too. 

The natural wood blended with pearl and gold ties romance and glamour with practically, and delivers pieces fit to be worn washing dishes, or to an awards show.  They take the quality commitment of their handmade jewelry seriously, so every piece is inspected before it's packed up with a personalized note and sent to you. 

Reversible 'Hope' Necklace

But that is not the part that matter most, what has completely won me over, is their commitment to helping women who were previously trafficked, and not just by giving them financial donations, but by offering them work in a safe environment, paying for counseling, and to teach them skills that will help them grow into the strong and independent women that they're capable of being. 

I wanted to share just one fo the story's of the women who are designing and making the jewelry and running the business:

"I met LeeLee through her aunt Mae, who had come to Starfish Project with her daughter after they had both been working in a brothel for several years. Mae had never been to school before coming to Starfish Project, but now she has learned to read and write and makes bracelets and necklaces faster than anyone else.
About six months ago, Mae came to me and told me that her relatives where going to sell her 19-year-old niece, LeeLee, and asked if we could help. LeeLee’s mother had abandoned her when she was very young and her father remarried a couple of years later. His new wife didn’t want LeeLee around, so they sent her to live with her grandmother. The two of them lived out in the deep countryside where they farmed. LeeLee was never allowed to go out, make friends, or go to school. She only stayed on the farm and helped her grandmother.
She is 20 years old now and her grandmother recently passed away. When this happened, Mae was the only relative willing to help LeeLee, because her own father wanted to sell her. Mae asked me if we could offer her a job and I agreed.
LeeLee had to travel by train for 30 hours to get to Starfish Project. It was a huge adjustment for her. The first time she went to a grocery store near our shelter, she broke down and cried because she had no idea how to buy groceries on her own. She didn’t know how to interact with others and would barely speak. But she has been a hard worker, and was so proud when she finished her first necklace. Six months later, she has slowly started to come out of her shell, and she is starting to talk much more.
LeeLee’s counselor recommended that she be in a place where she can be around other young people and begin to expand her mind. So for the first time in her life, Starfish Project will send LeeLee to school. She is going to live in the dormitory with other young people and learn skills in math, literacy, English, and computers, and can explore vocations like baking, sculpting, sewing, filming, and martial arts. LeeLee is so excited for this opportunity and we are very thankful that Mae stepped in to keep her niece from being sold.
This is how it happens: together we help one, and then she helps one, and someday LeeLee will be able to help one.”

On each piece, you can see the impact it will have in changing these women's lives, and many more like them who are needing to be helped.

I hope that you will be as excited to welcome Starfish Project to AR FAMN as I am. If you resonate with their pieces as much as I do, I will be adding more to our store soon. 

Lavender Glass & Gold Necklace

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As always, reach out to me with any questions or request you may have! If you would like to gift your order, I am happy to leave a personalized note on it for you. Just let me know what you would like to say! 

Thank you for joining me today famn, until next time. ❤️🌿