What is AR FAMN All About?

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Hello there, we’re so glad to meet you.

We think it's important that you know who we are, what we stand for, and why you can feel good about every purchase from AR FAMN.  When you're a part of AR FAMN, we want the best for you.
We would like to get to know you too. Please say hi in the comments, and make our day. Tell us what you're favorite green living find is! 
First, our name: AR FAMN is our initials (Anna & Ryan) and Famn is Swedish for “the space between arms”. I like to think of that space as a warm embrace, or taking something from my arms and placing it in yours.
I also like the play on words like “our family", because when you're here we think of you as family and we're thankful for all the small families you're supporting with your purchases. 
We are an online shop run by a small family, with a focus on eco friendly, sustainable living essentials and beautiful handcrafted home decor and jewelry that is fair trade and ethically sourced.
It’s been an immense pleasure getting to meet so many amazing people who make so many cool things, during our process of selecting what we want to offer you in our store.
I (Anna) am incredibly proud of the all natural, herbal essentials, non toxic, sustainable things we offer to make your self care, and skin care routine the best that it can be, while leaving waste and toxins out of the picture. 
We have extended these qualities into the home with zero waste and non toxic dish soap, all purpose cleaners, sunscreen, and so much more. 
We think it's exciting (and hope you will too) that many of our items that have a really cool social good mission. Like the jewelry collection that donates to the plantetary society, or the hand woven jewelry and home decorations that offer counseling  and fair wages to vulnerable women in Asia  and raises awareness that #womenareknotforsale.
We encourage you to read the story for each item in our product description, and please always reach out to us with any questions, comments, or special request you have. 
A lot of things we proudly have in our store are small batch, or even made to order by hand. Those items will have unique characteristics and sometimes colors will vary slightly from what’s pictured. We can guarantee nobody else will have one just like yours!
Not everything in our store is ALL of the things we strive for and love, like all natural, eco-friendly, hand crafted, small batch, fair trade, ethically sourced, sustainably made and zero waste, but everything we have hand selected has a purpose, and meets as many of those criteria as possible. For example, our silicone food covers cannot be hand made...but we think they're a great addition to any home that is living a more eco-friendly lifestyle!
eco friendly store zero waste
We have worked really hard to only have things in our shop that you can feel good about and love in your home. 
Right now, we’re only shipping within the U.S. but we dream of expanding soon, so sign up for our newsletter so you never miss any exciting updates. 
We also offer giftcards for any of you that want to give the gift of one of a kind, eco friendly, and thoughtfully made items to your loved ones. 
That’s all for now, but we’re an open book and welcome your questions. Now tell us something about you!