Who We AR



My name is Anna, which represents the A in "AR FAMN". The R lovingly represents my  husbands name, and FAMN is Swedish for "the space between our arms".

AR FAMN is a collection of dreams manifested into a reality.

AR dream is to spend quality time with our family, while we run our shop from home. The beauty of this shop, is that we can also support talented artisans from all over the globe. We hope that you will read the fascinating stories behind the small batch, ethically sourced, fair trade, eco friendly, handmade items in our store. Your purchase may be supporting an artist in California, or a community of women in Bangladesh. 

Lastly, AR dream is to fill your home with high quality, beautiful and one of a kind items as well as supply you with all that you need to begin a more sustainable, toxic free life. With two little ones of our own, we know the importance of ditching products full of synthetic dyes or fragrances, plus a long list of other ingredients that we can barely read! We have hand picked items that we trust in out own home, around our kids and pets. We're confident that you will notice and love the difference of an all natural lifestyle.

When you shop with us, you are part of AR family! AR family encourages and supports each other, shows love and lifts up creators and other businesses. We strive to live a more sustainable life! 

As we grow, our dream is to have all of our packaging be zero waste and to include more and more small businesses in our shop.

If you're interested in growing with us, please drop us a note! 

Thank you for being a part of this dream, and for making more sustainable choices.

anna angenend AR FAMN owner